Welcome 2018 Babies!

                          Baby Boy, February 17, 6 lb 1 oz




Welcome 2017 Babies!

Baby Boy, June 16, 6 lb 6 oz

Baby Girl, August 2, 8 lb 2 oz

Baby Boy, August 6, 6 lb 14 oz

Baby Girl, August 18, 6 lb 14 oz

Baby Girl, September 2, 7 lb 9 oz

Baby Girl, September 10, 10 lb 0 oz

Baby Girl, September 10, 9 lb 5 oz

Baby Boy, September 24, 7 lb 5.5 oz

Baby Boy, November 1, 6 lb 5 oz

Baby Girl, November 12, 7 lb 6 oz

Baby Boy, November 16, 8 lb 5 oz

Baby Girl, November 21, 7 lb 9 oz

Baby Girl, November 24, 7 lb 14 oz

Baby Girl, December 4, 6 lb 4 oz

Baby Girl, December 8, 8 lb 1 oz

Baby Boy, January 5, 7 lb 5 oz

Baby Boy, January 7, 3 lb 0 oz

Baby Girl, January 24, 7 lb 0 oz

Baby Girl, February 5, 8 lb 1 oz

Baby Boy, February 9, 9 lb 15 oz

Twin 1, Baby Boy, February 26, 5 lb 4 oz

Twin 2, Baby Girl, February 26, 4 lb15oz                                                               

Baby Girl, March 12, 7 lb 6 oz

Baby Girl, March 21, 7 lb 8 oz

Baby Girl, April 5, 9 lb 5 oz

Baby Boy, April 13, 9 lb 8.5 oz

Baby Girl, April 30, 8 lb 5 oz

Baby Girl, May 4, 8 lb 10 oz

Baby Boy, May 5, 7 lb 10 oz

Baby Boy, May 24, 8 lb 9 oz




Quinn's Birth Story

Ephraim's Birth Story



Letters from families…..

 "It is hard to imagine many things that are more personal or intimate than having a baby. It is an event full of emotion and openness, a situation where you want to be (but many times aren't) surrounded by the few people you know and trust more than anyone else in the world.  The empathy and energy Chenoa and Nieve brought to the birth of our daughter felt like that of having our own two sisters in the room--two sisters who just happen to have a ton of experience delivering babies!  Amy and I were both able to feel loved, reassured and, amazingly, even pampered through what was undoubtedly one of the most important times in our lives.  I can't thank them enough for their love and support both before, during and after the birth."

~ Brian


"Chenoa and Nieve made a great team for  our daughter's home birth.  Chenoa's midwifery knowledge and skills combined wonderfully with Nieve's acupuncture and massage support.  I am so thankful to have worked with them through such an incredible process. They attended me constantly, made sure I was as comfortable as possible and answered all of our questions before, during and after the birth, making it a lovely and complete journey."

~ Janet


"Thank you so much for meeting with myself and my husband yesterday. When we first found out we were pregnant we talked a lot about the use of a midwife for a home birth, and my husband could never really wrap his head around it, (just like at one time he could never wrap his head around getting rid of Cheerios from our pantry or drinking Raw Milk.) Upon leaving the clinic yesterday, (actually we had not yet stepped off the porch,) Jesse turned to me and said, "Yes". When I asked what he meant, he said, "Well aren't you about to ask if I want to switch and work with them?"  With that, thank you so much for answering all of our questions so thoroughly and sharing your thoughts and professional opinions on many topics. While we have made HUGE strides over the last couple of years in the way in which we eat and live, we still have a long way to go! We really look forward to working with you and learning from you over the upcoming months."