Home birth midwifery care including prenatal, birth & postpartum

Water birth & birth tub rental

Laboratory work

24/7 on call service for labor & urgent matters

Complete newborn exams & screenings

VBAC (Vaginal Births after Cesarean)

Prenatal Care

  • Excellent care throughout your pregnancy, appointments every month until 32 weeks, then every 2 weeks till 36 weeks, then every week till you give birth.

  • Informed choice about tests and treatments available in obstetric care

  • Guidance and information to optimize your health and the health of your baby

  • Most lab work performed in office

  • Referrals for ultrasound and additional support based on your physical and emotional needs

  • Easy access to network of physicians and hospital services, if needed


  • Attendance by two midwives plus an assistant from start of active labor through the immediate postpartum

  • Regular and gentle monitoring of mom and baby (and partner, if necessary!)

  • Water birth attendance if desired. Tub rental available upon request

Postpartum Care

  • Respect for bonding with gentle, quiet monitoring of mom and baby in the early postpartum

  • Complete newborn exam

  • Breastfeeding support

  • In-home postpartum visits for mom and baby during the first week and additional office visits through 6-8 weeks postpartum

  • Continued support through parenthood: information, referrals and connection as desired by you!